Why do you need to Automate Customer Communication?

  • Shivam Verma
  • 30 August 2022
The Top Reasons For The Switch Towards Automation For Customer Communication

Imagine not being able to order a pizza, book a hotel room in advance, or not being able to do anything you otherwise can with a click from your phone. That’s how automation has now made our lives easier! Customer communication is no different. Customer communication automation has paved the way for businesses to go out of their way to give impeccable customer experience.

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department it should be the entire company.”– Tony Hesieh

Customer service has always been a priority; it is even more critical now as, with changing times, customer demands are changing too. Customers want nothing less than the best. They expect an instant response from brands, quality products, and top-notch service. The increased popularity of customer communication automation has set some standards for the market, and nothing less than that is not acceptable to customers.

The question is, why?

Why is customer communication automation in demand, and why do businesses and customers prefer it? The following statistics might help you in getting an answer.

Customer communication automation statistics

Customer Communication Automation Statistics

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  • 31.7% of companies around the globe have already invested in automation for customer services. This means one-third of all enterprises throughout the world have trust in automation. (Let me tell you, the number is only increasing!)
  • According to a study by Microsoft in 2016, 78% of millennials expect that the customer service agent already knows about them. This showcases that customer demands are increasing; when this is what a customer expected in 2016, they certainly hope more six years later in 2022 and much more ten years later. But it is the thing about customer communication automation that makes it relevant even today or ten years later- It is highly scalable.
  • Chatbots can handle up to 80% of a customer’s repetitive queries. So almost 8 out of 10 times, the customer issue can be resolved without the involvement of the customer service agents.
  • Time is money, money is critical, and a chatbot helps save both. As per the studies, a chatbot can save up to 30% on customer service costs, and now that is a massive amount in the long run!
  • 86% of customers expect self-service options from the brands, saving time for both the customers and the business.

Why do you need customer communication automation?

Reliable services

What does a customer need? Trust, reliable customer service, and assurance that they will be assisted by the brand whenever required. Customer communication automation helps ensure that all three are delivered to the customers. Consider chatbots, for instance; they can be trained per the business’s requirements. The dialogue flow can be curated to ensure that the customers’ needs are taken care of. A chatbot does not get affected by its emotions, never comes late to work, and connects the customer to a human agent if it cannot handle a customer query. This helps make the customer service reliable and speedy, assuring the customers that the brand is trustworthy.

Improved customer relationship

Customer relationship is the foundation of customer communication. Customer communication automation makes this foundation stronger than ever. Maintaining and nurturing the relationship with the customer is the most important factor for any business’s success. A good customer relationship is an amalgamation of consistent interaction and quality customer service, customer communication automation ensures both.

It insures that customer interaction is consistent and speedy which helps you in gaining customer’s trust. It ensures that there are no gaps in customer communication. Thus making customer relationships better.

Minimizes conflicts with customers

Everyone hates to wait! So do your customers and if your customers aren’t happy you won’t be either! Long waits to get their problems answered can upset customers. Since the technology is becoming more and more advanced every passing day the customer expects your business to accommodate it to facilitate them.

The first question every customer asks is – ‘How long will it take?’ Be it regarding a query being addressed or a problem being solved. Customers expect the turnaround rate to be lower than ever and considering the current scenario they expect an immediate response.

Customer communication automation helps you in reducing the wait time of a customer and chatbots are one of the solutions that help you do just that.

Long way to go

Customer service automation can make life easy for both the business and the customer. The more automated the tasks are the more employees can dedicate their time to complicated tasks. Similarly, customers can utilize the benefits of self-service and save themselves some time.

Customer communication automation has made the market a new place where customers can seek immediate help and businesses can be available to their customers at all times without fail. It is exactly why customer communication automation is the new normal.

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