WhatsApp Chatbot-What & How with Examples

Whatsapp Chatbot-What &Amp; How With Examples

WhatsApp has grown in popularity among today’s digital customers as a messaging platform. This is substantiated by the fact that 66% of consumers worldwide prefer to interact with businesses via messaging apps, as per the Mobile Messaging Report. Companies can quickly assist their customers wherever they are by deploying chatbots on platforms such as WhatsApp. The only way to survive and establish a distinction in today’s highly competitive eCommerce market is to provide excellent customer experiences. 

Custom-built WhatsApp eCommerce virtual assistants are the way to cut through the marketing clutter, drive meaningful engagement with customers, and drive faster conversions. Therefore, WhatsApp chatbots are currently sought after.

Debrief About WhatsApp Chatbot:

Before understanding WhatsApp chatbots in specific, it is important to understand chatbots in general. A chatbot is generally an artificial intelligence (AI) program that can simulate human conversations by mimicking human communication patterns. It communicates with users via various messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, and phone calls. 

While a WhatsApp chatbot is an extensive computer program that uses WhatsApp to automatically respond to customer questions about your products and services, share content, and send notifications about orders, payments, and shipping. To assist your customers in real time, the response can take the form of a message, image, button, or video. It provides output in the form of a series of automated WhatsApp responses that mimic human conversation.

What can a WhatsApp Chatbot Do:

The best bit about WhatsApp chatbots has to be the flexibility it offers in terms of their capability. This is why you would find several examples and instances of WhatsApp chatbots in the business field. The following are the things a WhatsApp chatbot is capable of doing:

Respond to typical client questions 24/7: It can communicate just like a human agent and comprehends human language.

Automate sales by providing users with tailored recommendations.

Develop leads by gathering crucial user data like email, address, gender, country, and many other characteristics.

Use Cases of  WhatsApp Chatbots in Businesses Associated Operations

Irrespective of the size of the business, the following are examples of usage of WhatsApp chatbots in business-oriented fields:

1. Lead Generation: 

Lead generation is most likely the most important aspect of the sales process. With a simple click-to-chat link, you can completely automate this process and get customers to provide you with their information. When a customer initiates a conversation by sending you a message, you receive their name and phone number automatically. At this point, you have a great opportunity to include a strong Call to Action in one of two ways:

2. Product/Category Button

 Use this to enable your prospective customers to receive notifications or updates via WhatsApp. Customers, for example, can sign up to receive a notification or alert when the product they want to buy is back in stock.

3. Chat Invite

With a WhatsApp chatbot, you can proactively invite your website visitors to engage in a conversation and have their questions answered.

4. Campaign Ads

Using the click-to-WhatsApp approach in all of your paid campaigns is another excellent way to acquire new customers. When prospective customers click on your Facebook or Google ad, they will be directed to a WhatsApp chat invitation, allowing you to engage them more effectively from the start.

5. Payment-Based Processing

Payment processing online is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce. Customers will quickly lose faith in the business and leave if the payment process is not secure and simple. The WhatsApp chatbot can link accounts, allowing for faster money transfers and payment processing.

Whatsapp Chatbot Offering Special Discounts

The WhatsApp chatbot can take it a step further by offering special discounts to those who have abandoned items in their cart in exchange for confirming the purchase.

6. Queries and Resolving

Customers in the digital age expect businesses to respond quickly. This could apply to any industry, including retail, banking, and logistics. It strengthens your customer loyalty game by making them feel important and valuable. Customers may now have numerous questions about your product or service. There is a chance that your audience will abandon you if you do not respond quickly.

This is where a WhatsApp chatbot comes in handy. You can use it to automate FAQs. You can create custom flows for different stages of a conversation. A WhatsApp bot can also automate your cross-selling flow without the need for human intervention.

WhatsApp Chatbots in the Healthcare Industry

WhatsApp chatbots offer new and cost-effective ways for healthcare organizations to improve service time and support customers at scale. They can handle up to 80% of repetitive queries, allowing your human agents to focus on more complex issues and escalation.

Online consultations were extremely useful during the pandemic when there were many fears and restrictions surrounding face-to-face doctor visits. Patients can easily share their symptoms and medical history with the WhatsApp chatbot, which will then refer them to the appropriate medical professional.

Doctors will also have access to important details such as the frequency and severity of symptoms in this manner. This will assist them in gaining a better understanding of the patient’s medical issues.

A WhatsApp chatbot is used to remind patients when it is time to take their medications or refill their prescriptions. This ensures that they take them on time and without forgetting, keeping them healthier and aiding in their recovery.

WhatsApp Chatbots in Banking Associated Operations

WhatsApp chatbots for Banking represent the pinnacle of data-driven insights, which are crucial in the banking sector. Companies can use chatbots to make data-driven decisions, based on the wealth of information the bots provide, to help with sales, marketing, trends, and product launches. This entails improved resource allocation, higher growth via conversational analytics, and increased customer loyalty. Bots and bot analytics aid in reducing this burn time on operations and can give crucial data and metrics more quickly, enabling your business to concentrate more on making plans for the future rather than just responding to the present.

WhatsApp Chatbots in Logistic Industries

A WhatsApp chatbot is used effectively by logistics companies for lead generation, lead qualification, quick and easy payments, assisting customers with order tracking, reminders, and notifications, two-way messaging, finding the nearest service center, easy filing for issue claims, and collecting, processing, and monitoring feedback.  Such bots are used in logistic operations to provide 24/7 assistance and for assisting the transaction processes.

WhatsApp Chatbots in Travel Associated Industries

Making hotel and flight reservations:

In the midst of the abundance of travel and hotel alternatives, a WhatsApp chatbot can assist users in making an informed choice. It assists in avoiding uncertainty and provides straightforward answers to travelers seeking, for instance, a direct flight to a destination or a hotel in a particular area, depending on their budget and other requirements.

Creating thorough itineraries:

Sometimes tourists are simply looking for recommendations. For instance, people can be confused about the other specifications even though they have a goal in mind. Travelers’ preferences can be understood by a WhatsApp chatbot, which can then recommend itineraries depending on their likes and dislikes. This allows travelers to make an informed decision rather than abandoning an idea because of the plethora of options available on the web at random.

Create WhatsApp Chatbots with Ease for Various Applications:

It is to be understood that are several more examples of WhatsApp chatbots used in different industries. To be able to use such bots for several purposes, it is important to find the right platform to develop them. You can use platforms like Chat360 to easily build them without any extensive coding. All you have to do is:

  • Initially, you have to sign up with Chat360
  • After that, you should head over to the ‘Bots’ section.
  • Then, just Click on the “Add New Chatbot” option present on your dashboard’s right.
  • To construct your chatbots using Chat360’s customizable, select “start from scratch.”
  • Type in the name of your bot, then choose the WhatsApp symbol from the list of alternatives.
  • Your Whatsapp Bot will show up on the dashboard after you click “Create.”
  • Create Your Own Bot Using a Simple Drag and Drop Builder.
  • Launch the dashboard and select “Channels” from the list on the left.
  • The “Add New Channel” button may be found in the top right corner.
  • Enter the channel name, and your phone number, and then choose a created bot from the list. Then select “Create Channel.”
Chat360 Whatsapp Chatbot Dashboard

Way Forward

WhatsApp chatbots carry a significant potential and are flexible to be used in many industries. With WhatsApp being the preferred platform for communication, deploying chatbots in WhatsApp is the way to go for any industry. Chatbots in WhatsApp provide industries with endless opportunities in terms of customer support. If you own or belong to any such business or industry that has not still turned to WhatsApp chatbots, it is highly recommended that you turn to use them.

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