How to use WhatsApp for marketing?

Be it the millennials or the Gen Z, if there is one thing common about the age groups then it is Whatsapp. Ranked as one of the most used mobile messenger apps the platform plays host to about 2 billion active users across the globe. In the past decade, WhatsApp has become everyone’s go-to messaging app because of the ease of usage and the kind of convenience it provides.

Thanks to the emergence of Whatsapp marketing, Whatsapp has not only become the most preferred platform for individuals but also businesses across the world. Whatsapp marketing has now become a must-have marketing strategy for businesses around the world. But what exactly is WhatsApp marketing?

What is WhatsApp marketing?

Like the name indicates, Whatsapp marketing is a type of messenger-based marketing strategy which makes use of the platform as a medium to promote a brand. Due to its billions of users, Whatsapp helps businesses reach out to a huge audience which ultimately leads to a bigger customer base and ultimately an increase in sales. Whatsapp marketing enables brands to create Broadcast lists, facilitate help desk operations, collect customer feedback, add a hint of personalization to customer interactions, promote a new product or service launch and much more.

Benefits of having a WhatsApp marketing –

Helps businesses build better customer relationships

Creating or establishing a connection is the first thing businesses do while trying to build a customer base. One of the best things about conversing through Whatsapp is that the medium makes customers feel more connected to the brand. The ease of use also makes the entire brand interaction experience or customer service interaction experience more accessible and quick, making customers feel like they can reach out whenever they want. 

They increase conversion rates

Reaching out to the potential customer or a lead is a sensitive and crucial process and doing so through their preferred medium is an excellent move for businesses due to the kind of interaction convenience it provides the potential customer or lead. This helps brands significantly increase customer conversion rates and at the same time allows them to demonstrate how much they as a business care by being available round-the-clock for their customer.

They help increase profitability 

The widespread usage of the platform that exposes marketing teams to a huge audience helps businesses build a better and much bigger customer base. In addition to this and the increased conversion rates, they also provide better access to customer support assistance and speed up the ticket remediation process. This helps businesses increase customer retention rates which leads to an increase in profitability. 

It helps cut down on marketing costs

Traditional marketing operations can be expensive enough to burn a hole in the pocket. From manually promoting new products to making door to door pamphlet runs, traditional marketing strategies can not only result in a huge expense but will also be time-consuming. But making use of a WhatsApp marketing strategy instead will not only make the process quick and pocket-friendly but will also increase conversion rates. 

Tips to build a Whatsapp marketing strategy 

  • Determine a way to measure your key performance indicators or KPIs. While creating a strategy it is important to ask yourself questions like – What is the ultimate aim? What is the marketing objective? How can we measure the performance or effectiveness of the strategy? 
  • Determine who you want to target. Knowing who exactly you want to sell to is the key to building a successful strategy. It helps you understand the expectations, behaviours and preferences of your target demographic. 
  • Make use of an intelligent WhatsApp chatbot. Having a chatbot handle your help desk operations is a cost-effective and smart move. AI WhatsApp chatbots increase customer retention rates, speed up ticket remediation processes, improve customer satisfaction rates, etc. You can build one for yourself on our coding-free chatbot building platform. Dabble around with chatbots for a free trial of seven days here.
  • Build a brand persona. Though chatbots are very much effective, some customers still prefer chatting with a human in order to solve tickets. It helps businesses if there is a brand persona that is based on a popular name from the target demographic.
  • Work on response templates. Customers are always in search of quick answers. Keeping a response template ready to answer basic questions related to new product launches can be extremely helpful. 


The best thing about having a Whatsapp marketing strategy is that it not only serves as a much efficient option that ensures a wider audience outreach but also provides a cost-effective yet efficient marketing solution for businesses. To find out about how your business can leverage the advantage of Whatsapp marketing strategies through intelligent chatbots, book a demo with us today!