How to build a Facebook messenger chatbot

Facebook Messenger Bot


What are Facebook Messenger chatbots? 

I thoroughly remember that while scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook, I came across a product advertisement that caught my eye and instantly texted the brand page. The reply I received was after 2 hours of my inquiry. Now, I was looking forward to an instant answer for the product details, and I would have proceeded to buy the product then and there. But the delayed response showcased their poor customer service quality and the business most a new customer. I am sure they would’ve lost many other customers like me. So if you ask why you need a Facebook messenger bot, then one of the reasons is to enhance your customer service quality.  

Customers come above all! Your business will flourish once your customers are happy, and your customers will be satisfied if their queries are answered instantly. 90% of customers expect an immediate response when they have customer service-related questions. Only Intelligent chatbots can only take care of the cutting-edge standards of a customer. 

In general, chatbots are AI-based automated messaging software that is used to converse with people and provide answers to their questions. A Facebook Messenger chatbot is integrated with the Facebook messenger application and is used to handle customer questions within the app with minimum or negligible human interference. 

Why does your business need a Facebook messenger chatbot? 

Not just yours, every business with social media presence need a Facebook messenger chatbot. Here’s why: 

  • Facebook has 2.93 billion active monthly users. Out of these users, many are your potential customers. To convert those potential customers into real ones, you must go through the entire sales cycle (which we all know is a long one). This sales cycle can be shortened and expedited with a Facebook messenger chatbot. (Want to know how? Wait till the end!)
  • Chatbots are “fast & furious. They give instant responses to several customers simultaneously—even more than thousands at a time. 
  • There are 300,000 monthly active bots on Messenger, so what is holding back your business? 

Get your Facebook messenger chatbot now! 

How to build a Facebook messenger chatbot? 

You are at the right place if you want an easy-to-create yet one of the most intelligent chatbot to deal with your customer base. Chat360’s chatbot building solution enables you to build a Facebook messenger chatbot within an hour.  

  • It is easy to use and create chatbots. 
  • It is easily accessible. 
  • You can make highly customized bots as per the demands of your business. 

So let’s get started: 

Step 1: Go to the Chat360 page, log in or sign up for your account. 

Step 2: Click on the create new bot option and then select- build the bot from scratch or use templates. 

Facebook messenger bot

How to build a Facebook messenger bot- Chat360

Step 3: Select the platform you want to build your chatbot for, i.e., Facebook Messenger. 

Step 4: You are now in the building space of your chatbot. All you have to do is drag and slide the options from the panel on the left hand and create your chat flow. 

How to build a Facebook messenger bot- Chat360

Step 5: After creating the chat flow, move on to the next phase, ‘design.’ Here you can decide the colors, theme, and User Interface and make other modifications to make your chatbot look more appealing. 

How to build a Facebook messenger bot- Chat360

Note: Do not forget to name your chatbot and give it an identity. 

Business advantages of the Facebook messenger chatbot: 

Meet customers at their preferred platform

According to the statistics, 60% of people say that they are comfortable with brands sending them personal messages. So what is stopping you from reaching out to them? When your audience is already using Facebook, and they do not mind getting messages from businesses either? Dig deep; if your customers are actively using Facebook messenger, it implies that the open rate of your business campaigns through Messenger would be higher in comparison to other platforms.  

Bonus? Facebook lets you run paid ad campaigns, which can be highly customized and targeted to your audience. Target high-intent customers using these sponsored ads, see the flow of leads and let your Facebook messenger chatbot take care of the rest. 

Save time, save money. 

Customers are needy, have several back-to-back questions, and do not like to be kept on hold. Also, they ask the same thing again and again. Suppose your agents are busy answering the questions about when the products will be delivered, keep booking appointments, and keep answering the general FAQs. Eventually, their productivity will wear off, and other segments of their job profile will ultimately be affected. 

On the other hand, you can automate all these tasks and build a chat flow for frequently asked questions. The Chat360 messenger chatbot will handle the rest. 

This little automation will help you go a long way, a chatbot will be able to give speedy responses to many customers simultaneously, and the customers will be able to access the information they need anytime without having to connect with a support team agent. On the other hand, the support team can focus on urgent customer requests and more complex queries. This will save both the customers’ and the employee’s time and improve the quality of your customer service. 

Build brand awareness 

Nobody will find out about your brand until you market it. To get more business, you need to spread brand awareness and let people know what, why, and how of your business. Utilize your messenger chatbot to tell individuals what your brand does, especially while conversing with individuals who have since entered your business’s range of prominence. This is an extraordinary method for catching interest. 

Send marketing campaign messages to your target audience and present your brand in such a way that will pique the interest of your target audience as well as capture their attention. 

Automate sales

There is no reason for you to limit your chatbot to just customer service when it’s smart enough to carry out sales for your business. 58.4% of internet users buy something online weekly, and 16%+ people use social media and live chat messaging services to learn more about the brand. This interaction has fruitful results since 83% of consumers buy through the chat. 

The statistics are very promising, all you have to do is create a proper chat flow, and your messenger chatbot will be able to make sales for you. You can create a sturdy script for your chatbot, which can be utilized for upselling, cross-selling, personalized suggestions, and lead qualifications. 

Greet your customers well, keep the interaction and brand tone polite, and start generating revenue. 

Gain loyal customers 

When your brand is available for its customers at all times with a solid social media presence, it positively impacts the customers, eventually leading to their loyalty to the brand. Chatbots help your business seem more credible and help in gaining the faith of your customers. 

Consider this example: 

There are two brands. One provides instant customer service while the other is not so fluent with quick solutions. Which brand would gain your trust? I am confident it is

 the former. Hence proved that brands that provide speedy service to their customers tend to secure the customers’ loyalty. 

Save more, get better ROI 

It is not a hidden fact that chatbots help your business save operational costs, simultaneously improving customer service. Win-win situation. Along with this, the Facebook messenger bot will also let you dig deeper into the analytics and find out about what your customers like and what they do not. Which customers most prefer the product and why? What improvements do you need to make to generate more revenue and so on? 

The benefits of being able to extract analytics are countless. Chat360’s messenger chatbot allows you to look into all the data crucial for any business to grow. 

Do’s and DO’S of Facebook Messenger chatbots. 

  • The first and foremost thing to do is get a messenger chatbot for your business from Chat360. 
  • Set the objectives of your messenger chatbot clearly- Is it for customer service or sales or both? 
  • Keep conversations short and qualified lead lists long. (No one likes to read huge paragraphs from companies selling their product, so don’t make your customers run away by sending huge chunks of texts.)  
  • Do keep your brand tone intact. (It can be anything- formal, informal, a combination of both, conversational, to the point, etc.)
  • Let the human agent handle complicated situations. It is a chatbot, not a real person, and it can not handle customer queries. Chat360 enables you to assign the live chat to the agent, who can handle the situation in any fallback scenario. 

The untapped gems! 

Chatbots have become famous relatively recently, a technology that every business needs. You just learned why your business needs a messenger chatbot, so wait no more. Go and get one for your business

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